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Belarus President says he will resign if a new constitution is adopted.

Demonstrators demanded the change in the constitution after an alleged rigged election win for Belarus’ President.

Key points:

1. Alexander Lukashenko says he will step down from power if a new constitution is adopted in Belarus.

2. Belarus’ President has upped the crackdown of protesters demanding a new constitution.

3. Belarus police use tear gas and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators.

Belarus demonstrators take to the streets to demand a new constitution:

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko introduced on Friday that he could be inclined to step down from his function of power if a brand new charter is adopted. The declaration has come months after Belarus locals took to streets in opposition to Lukashenko’s rigged election win, and tough his 26-year lengthy rule over the country.

The massive crackdown of protesters carried under President Lukashenko’s orders:

In return, the President has introduced down a strict crackdown at the protestors, ensuing in numerous masses of protestors in jails and being dealt with in inhumane conditions — with the bulk of his combatants in the back of bars. While many need to have a good time over this declaration, specialists agree that is, in reality, one of the many feedbacks that Lukashenko has made withinside the past, as this isn’t always the primary time, he has hinted toward conceding. However, he has constantly didn’t stay via way of means of his words — on this area — the final one being in August whilst the call for re-elections became at their top from the locals and competition leaders.

No decision under stress, says Belarus President:

However, not like different times, this time he has additionally delivered the disclaimer that he whilst he could be inclined to surrender his function, he could now no longer be taking any choice beneath neath stress or in a second of heat. He delivered that he is prepared to make actual concessions.

Demonstrators disperse after police uses tear gas, stun grenades:

Belarus police, however, have been the use tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters who’re demonstrating in opposition to Alexander Lukashenko the demise of Roman Bondarenko, a 31-yr old anti-authorities’ protester.

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