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There are very few musicians who have the passion and creativity to churn out amazing music, back-to-back, Banana Biz aka Trent Laughlin is one of them.

Ever heard of vocals being blended with heavy bass which makes the sound astonishingly unique from the usual ones? If not, then you need to hear this music artists creations.

With the advancement of technology music producers have had the leverage to tweak their music completely. The innovative methods that have been introduced in the field of music not only allow musicians to create their sounds and melodies, but also mix them in a completely distinct manner. Computers have played a major role in creating music in a non-sequential manner, where in sounds can be tweaked and notes can be added as desired. Music that’s digitally created is so astounding, that it’s not possible for a musician to produce the quality humanly, or through any other means. With the growing popularity of computer generated music, we came across various sounds and beats which were unheard before. The basic parameters for creating music like rhythm and chords were no longer considered the key factors when creating music digitally.

Talented and creative music producers are majorly responsible for many hit releases, but we always tend to bypass their efforts and hard work, which go into creating and releasing each album which make their way from their studios to your hearts. There have been many music artists who have won a million hearts with their creations, but there’s one artist who is all set to conquer the hearts of music lovers with his foot tapping House and Bass Music, he is California’s Banana Biz aka Trent Laughlin, who has amazed his audience by offering new tunes every month, exclusively created all by himself for music lovers. “All my music projects are created from start to finish without any third party support. I make sure to release one project each month to keep my followers on their toes, and to keep their music cravings intact”, says the talented artist. So, what does this powerhouse of talent do when he’s not making music? Well, he is a licensed healthcare professional / Physical Therapist Assistant who also indulges in Graphic Design, another creative outlet he enjoys.

Such is the impact of his music that it has successfully garnered more than 107,000 streams for “Best Side” on popular music platform ‘Spotify’. His new release “Catching Shade” has already hit the chartbusters, and soon we can see his music on YouTube as well. So, for all you House and Bass music lovers, don’t forget to get ahold of his musically talented creations on Spotify, YouTube, and all other platforms. He is going to get you hooked, for sure.

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