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The virginity testing ban in France gets activists worried.

France is gearing to ban virginity tests, which are majorly carried out by Muslim women; Activists say this will boost the black-market of such tests. 

Key points:

1. France divided over plans to prohibit virginity testing.

2. Activists fear violent repercussions for the majority of Muslim women, who have to take the virginity test.

3. Women in 20 countries are subjected to virginity tests.

France set to ban virginity testing of women:

France is cut up over plans to prohibit virginity testing, with a few campaigners calling the technique barbaric and others cautions of violent repercussions for a few Muslim girls. Women in a minimum of 20 international locations are subjected to virginity assessments, now and then with the aid of using force, as households, lovers, or ability employers use them to evaluate their virtue, honor, or social value, in step with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The United Nations says the virginity tests are painful and a violation of human rights:

In Europe, the assessments are issued in Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, Sweden, and Spain, in step with the WHO. Virginity assessments in France are maximum generally utilized by Muslims and additionally with the aid of using a few Roma households who need evidence of virginity pre-wedlock. The United Nations says the check is painful, inaccurate, and a contravention of human rights, without a location in cutting-edge society.

Questions raised over French plan to ban 'virginity tests' | France | Al  Jazeera

France’s ban may unintentionally hurt Muslims:

But now no longer anybody agrees, with a few specialists predicting unintentional fallout from France’s proposed ban, that’s a part of a much broader Islamic separatism invoice due in parliament subsequent month.

Single women might have to pay excessive fees post ban, reveal doctors:

Doctors say it may imply girls paying immoderate costs for unlawful assessments or risking violent repercussions from their own circle of relatives members, partners, or putative in-legal guidelines if they lack evidence. Doctors say unmarried girls worry about rejection if they can’t display certificates to households wherein conventional gender expectancies keep sway concerning intercourse earlier than marriage.

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