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China drafts new religious rules on foreigners to prevent “religious extremism”.

Authorities in China will up its crackdown on foreign religious groups who undermine China’s national unity.

Key points:

1. Foreign religious groups will be targeted in China under the new Ministry of Justice rules.

2. China to crack down on foreign religious groups to prevent religious extremism.

3. China only allows 5 religious faiths to be practiced and has been accused of suppressing minorities.

China to crack down on foreign religious groups:

Foreign spiritual agencies and worshipers will be the trendy objectives of a developing crackdown on prepared faith in China beneath neath President Xi Jinping. Draft rules posted this week with the aid of using the Ministry of Justice known as for brand new regulations on how overseas worshipers’ function to save you the spreading of “spiritual extremism,” or use of faith “to undermine China’s countrywide or ethnic unity.”

China mulls new rules on foreigners to 'prohibit religious extremism' - CNN

China has been accused of suppressing Uyghur Muslims:

The rules, presently open to public remarks however not likely to alternate drastically from their modern form, are simply the trendy flow to govern spiritual exercise beneath neath Xi, who has repeatedly known as for the “sinicization” of faith. Xi has overseen a principal clampdown on Uyghurs and different Muslim minority agencies withinside the western location of Xinjiang, in which some 2 million Uyghurs and different minorities have exceeded through “re-education camps” in keeping with rights agencies, in addition to campaigns concentrated on Christian agencies and Tibetan Buddhists.

Only five faiths have been licensed by China’s communist authorities:

Officially an atheist state, the Communist authorities nevertheless license 5 professional faiths and efficaciously decides on topics along with the ordination of bishops and reincarnation. Those faiths — Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism — are supervised with the aid of using professional agencies along with the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement or the Buddhist Association of China, which might be in flip overseen with the aid of using the ruling Communist Party’s effective United Front Work Department. Practice out of doors the boundaries of those agencies is precisely controlled, and underground churches, sects, or even personal spiritual have a look at agencies are periodically cracked down upon.

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