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China set to become the third nation to retrieve lunar samples from the moon.

China successfully launched Chang’e-5 into orbit, to collect lunar samples from unexplored parts of the moon.

Key points:

1. Chang’e-5 was successfully launched by China.

2. China will become the third nation to retrieve lunar samples.

3. Chang’e-5 will look to acquire 4.5 pounds of samples from the unexplored part of the moon.

First moon mission to acquire rocks since the 1970s, successfully launched by China: 

China efficiently released its Chang’e-5 lunar project Tuesday to acquire rocks from the moon — the primary strive via way of means of any nation for the reason that 1970s. The unmanned Chang’e-5 probe, named after the legendary Chinese goddess of the moon, blasted off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in Hainan, close to the nation’s southern tip, withinside the early morning.

China’s Chang’e-5 successfully got into orbit:

After liftoff, the spacecraft got separated from its boosters and defensive fairing and went into Earth-moon switch orbit. Live-streamed footage from the release suggests the Chinese groups and engineers applauding withinside the manipulate room while the boosters fell far from every aspect of the rocket, and once more while the spacecraft separated from the rocket in orbit. Once withinside the moon’s orbit, the probe will set up a couple of motors to the floor to drill into the floor and acquire soil and rock samples.

China prepares moon probe to bring back lunar rocks - The Economic Times

The US and the Soviet Union had carried out such space mission in the 1970s:

If successful, the project will make China handiest the third nation to have retrieved lunar samples, following the US and the Soviet Union a long time ago. US astronauts introduced returned 382 kilograms (842 pounds) of rocks and soil for the duration of the Apollo program, between 1969 and 1972, whilst the Soviet Union accumulated 170.1 grams (6 ounces) of samples in 1976.

2 kilograms of samples will be retrieved by Chang’e-5, from an unvisited vicinity of the moon:

The Chang’e-5 probe will try and acquire 2 kilograms (4.5 pounds) of samples in a formerly unvisited vicinity of the moon — a large lava simple called Oceanus Procellarum, or “Ocean of Storms.” 

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