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Gunmen kill 5, abduct 18 from a mosque in Nigeria.

The jihadists attacked a mosque in Nigeria’s Maru district; 18 abducted including one imam.

Key points:

  1. Nigeria’s mosques attacked by a terrorist organisation killed at least 5 people.
  2. Jihadists abducted at least 18 people from mosque in Nigeria.
  3. Imam of mosque among the 18 kidnapped by jihadists.

18 abducted from a mosque in Nigeria’s village:

An institution of gunmen attacked a mosque because the worshippers had been looking at their weekly Friday prayers in a far off Dutsen Gari village in Maru district. Around one hundred farm animals thieves on bikes opened hearthplace at the congregation, killing as a minimum 5 worshippers and kidnapping almost 18, the neighborhood police said on Sunday.

Citizens of the village claim at least 30 people have been abducted in the brutal attack:

The incident happened in northwestern Nigeria’s Zamfara state. While the neighborhood police is claiming abduction of 18 worshippers, neighborhood citizens are disputing the declare and feature stated extra than 30 humans were kidnapped. This incident has now no longer been a piece of the Boko Haram jihadists. This institution, reportedly, has no ideological leanings; however, the terror being unfold through the institution is growing on an alarming rate. The authorities have been looking to deliver peace withinside the area because the gang continues its camps withinside the Rugu forest, raiding villages, stealing farm animals and kidnapping neighborhood citizens for ransom and looting meals supplies. However, the neighborhood government have confronted to attain an end withinside the peace talks.

Gunmen kill five in mosque attack in Nigeria | The Business Standard

Jihadists abduct imam after attacking a mosque in Nigeria:

The gunmen attacked the mosque even as the imam turned into handing over the sermon and took away extra than 30 humans, which include the imam, after taking pictures lifeless 5 worshippers, one resident, Ibrahim Altine, advised AFP.

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