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Tiger King star Jeff Lowe, accused of treating animals inhumanely.

Jeff Lowe had taken over the Oklahoma zoo from his former-business partner Joe Exotic.

Key points:

1. Jeff Lowe sued for his inhumane treatment of animals.

2. Tiger King star had taken over the Oklahoma zoo from Joe Exotic in 2016.

3. 160 big cats were transferred by Jeff Lowe to Thackerville zoo.

Tiger King star sued over his cruelty to animals:

Jeff Lowe, who seemed in Tiger King and took over the zoo featured withinside the Netflix hit, has been accused with the aid of using the United States authorities of cruelty to animals. The Department of Justice has sued Mr Jeff Lowe and his spouse Lauren, alleging ordinary inhumane remedies and wrong dealing with tigers and lions.

Jeff Lowe has accused the government of creating fake allegations:

Mr Lowe hasn’t commented however has formally accused the authorities of creating fake accusations in opposition to him. He took over the Oklahoma zoo from his ex-commercial enterprise associate Joe Exotic in 2016.

USDA has investigated Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park:

Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which housed extra than 230 tigers and lions, has been centered in a sequence of inspections with the aid of using the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Mr Lowe has stated the enterprise had bowed to strain from animal rights charity Peta, and that his park had ended up a goal for each nutjob and animal rights loon withinside the world.

Tiger King' star Jeff Lowe accused of inhumane treatment | The Daily Star

Health condition of many animals compromised states DoJ:

On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DoJ) stated it had filed a civil lawsuit in opposition to Mr and Mrs Lowe, accusing them of illegally taking, possessing, and transporting covered animals inclusive of a grizzly endure and ring-tailed lemurs in addition to tigers and lions, and setting the fitness of animals in danger.

Jeff Lowe located 160 big cats at Thackerville zoo in August:  In June a court, ordered Mr Lowe to vacate the zoo and hand the premises to Carole Baskin, who Joe Exotic turned into convicted of looking to have killed. Mr Lowe closed the park in August and has for the reason that moved one hundred sixty huge cats to a brand-new zoo in Thackerville, 60 miles south.

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