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39 Afghanistanis were killed by Australia’s Elite force’s, reveals report.

Australian Defence Force’s four year investigation reveals 57 incidents during the Afghan conflict. 

Key points:

  1. 39 Afghan killed by Australian special forces.
  2. 57 incidents were investigated by ADF in four years.
  3. Afghanistan reinstates its confidence in Australia.

Australian forces unlawfully executed 39 Afghanistanis:

Australian unique forces unlawfully killed 39 humans all through the Afghan conflict; credible evidence has emerged from a long-awaited document. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has launched findings from a four-year inquiry into misconduct through its forces.

ADF leader condemns a “shameful record”:

The inquiry investigated fifty seven incidents and heard from greater than three hundred witnesses. It had exposed a “shameful record” of a “warrior culture” through a few squaddies, ADF leader General Angus Campbell stated. Nineteen contemporary or former squaddies have to be investigated through police over the killings of prisoners, farmers or civilians among 2009 and 2013, the document found. Afghanistan stated it were confident through Australia that it turned into devoted to “making sure justice”.

Australian troops 'unlawfully killed' 39 Afghans in alleged war crimes

Report finds 25 officers guilty:

The report stated 25 serving or former squaddies had executed crimes or been “accessories” to them. Most allegations involved squaddies in the Special Air Service (SAS) elite unit. Gen Campbell stated not one of the alleged killings may want to be defined as being withinside the warmness of battle. The inquiry – through the inspector-popular of the ADF – turned into carried out in the back of closed doors, which means few info had been pronounced till now.

An impartial investigator may be appointed:

Last week, Mr Morrison stated a unique investigator could be appointed to take into account prosecutions from statistics contained withinside the document. An impartial oversight panel could additionally be mounted to provide duty and transparency that sits outdoor of the ADF chain of command, the authorities stated.

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