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World’s most expensive city list dampened by COVID-19.

Many Chinese cities fall in ratings; Tehran rises 27 places; Hong Kong, Zurich, and Paris are the top 3 costliest cities.

Key points:

1. World’s three costliest cities are recorded as Hong Kong, Zurich, Paris.

2. Many highly-priced cities witnessed a steep fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Western Europe accounted for 4 cities in the top 10 costliest cities list.

Singapore and Osaka slip down in costliest cities ratings:

The world’s 3 maximum steeply-priced towns are actually Hong Kong, Zurich, and Paris, consistent with a brand-new value of dwelling record. Singapore and Osaka, which had been identified first with Hong Kong’s final year, have slipped down the ratings.

Chinese cities slip down in the list amid tensions with the US:

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual survey stated Singapore’s expenses fell due to an exodus of overseas people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most Chinese towns have risen as US-China tensions push up expenses. Bangkok additionally slipped twenty locations and is now ranked forty-sixth maximum steeply-priced. The EIU’s record is geared closer to expatriates, with the information utilized by multinationals to assist them to calculate the value of enterprise journeys and expatriate packages.

Covid-19 shakes up world's most expensive city list

4 Western European cities in the top 10 costliest list:

Cities withinside the Americas, Africa, and Eastern Europe have emerged as much less steeply-priced because final year, at the same time as Western European towns have to emerge as costlier. Western Europe accounted for 4 of the 10 maximum steeply-priced towns at the index, with Zurich and Paris taking identical first place. Geneva is 7th and Copenhagen is 9th.

Tehran moves 27 places upwards in the list:

This partially displays the relative electricity of European currencies on an index that compares each town to the value of dwelling in New York. The largest charge profits had been in Iran’s capital Tehran, which moved 27 locations up the ratings because of US sanctions, which have impacted the delivery of items. EIU’s Worldwide Cost of Living index has compared the expenses of 138 items and offerings in approximately one hundred thirty predominant towns in September.

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