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An election security official, fired by Donald Trump over inaccurate remarks.

Donald Trump questioned the loyalty of Chris Krebs, who contradicted him over his election fraud comments.

Key points:

1. Donald Trump terminates top election official who fact-checked his claims of voter fraud.

2. Chris Krebs got to know about his firing via a tweet by Trump.

3. CIA director and FBI director may get the ax after Trump’s exit.

Chris Krebs fired by Donald Trump due to his comments on voter fraud:

Donald Trump says he has fired a pinnacle election professional who contradicted the United States president’s claims of voter fraud. President Trump stated he terminated Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) leader Chris Krebs for his tremendously inaccurate comments on vote integrity.

Trump doubted Krebs’ loyalty:

Mr Trump has made unsubstantiated claims of “massive” voter fraud, refusing to concede the United States election. Election officers stated the vote became the “maximum secure” in US history. Mr Krebs is the present-day legit to be brushed off with the aid of using the United States president following his defeat, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper additionally proven the door amid reviews Mr Trump doubted the Pentagon leader’s loyalty.

Donald Trump Fires Senior Election Security Official Chris Krebs, Calls His Statement  on US Presidential Elections 'Highly Inaccurate'

CIA and FBI directors facing the door, if Trump doesn’t come back to the White House:

There is a hypothesis in Washington DC that CIA director Gina Haspel and FBI director Christopher Wray may be at the cutting block after Mr Trump leaves the workplace in January. Like many others fired with the aid of using Mr Trump, Mr Krebs reportedly most effective found out he became out of activity while he noticed the president’s tweet on Tuesday.

Fired Cisa-chief says he doesn’t regret his dismissal: 

The former Microsoft employee was regarded to not have any regrets, following his dismissal. He had run the corporation from its inception years in the past withinside the aftermath of alleged Russian meddling withinside the 2016 election. To defend in opposition to capacity cyber-threats, Cisa works with country and neighborhood election officers and the personal businesses that deliver vote casting systems, whilst tracking ballot tabulation and the electricity grid.

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