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Nicky Vegas – The man known for his extravagant lifestyle and philanthropic connections and contributions.

One man surely knows how to live life and at the same time help and support those in need. He is our very own Nicky Vegas.

The moment you meet him, his charming personality and magnetic aura casts a spell on you. There are a lot of stories about Nicky which are as interesting as his own self and the life he leads. The more you learn about him, the more you want to know about him. The stories that are spun around him are so enchanting, that it seem to be all myth than reality. The infamous Mike Tyson episode is something which comes to everyone’s minds when one thinks about Nicky Vegas. We are keen to know the truth from the horse’s mouth, and there are many other such incidents and stories which are connected to his name that the world is keen to know.

To know the real Nicky Vegas, it was imperative to talk to him one on one to know the real facts, so we decide to enter his den with a long list of questionnaire, to know him in and out. The first impression when you enter into his space is like entering heaven on earth. The larger than life personality stands true in every sense when you see this charming human being in flesh and blood. Nicky Vegas is sitting besides the pool surrounded by a bevy of skimpily clad beauties, welcoming us with his oh-so-charming baritone. “Just call me Nicky”. As we sit next to him to know more about this charmer, the first question we shoot is “Tell us about the Mike Tyson encounter you had”, to which he readily replies “The famous ringster once sneaked me inside the pub where entry was denied to young teens, I being all of 19 at that time. He was kind enough to help me out, and his gesture made my day”.

Nicky’s feet are held firm on the ground in spite of the fame and adulation he gets from people, all because of his family and friends who keep him grounded. He is also into social giving and owns a chain of rehabilitation centres for homeless, where he takes care of their food, shelter and medical requirements. Nicky says “I owe a lot to my church family who have been my pillar of strength and have always supported me in all my initiatives”. “Today, I am content with whatever I have achieved and want to give my best for the betterment of the society” says Nicky before we bid him adieu.

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