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Johnny Wvlker: Making people go gaga over his hit singles and his debut album across the US.

Johnny is the gen-next hip hop artist who is raring to be at the top of the American music game.

For some individuals, struggles are only hindrances of their lives that try to stop their growth; whereas for high spirited individuals the same struggles are the ones they use to create opportunities for themselves to emerge as a stronger personality and individual. Johnny Wvlker knew how his life went by without the presence of his mother whom he lost early in life but chose to stay away from the negativities and concentrated on his passion for music to create a career in the same.

With his first single itself called ‘Genger’, Johnny proved his prowess as a musical artist and proved his mettle to experts in the industry. The song went on to earn some great recognition and name with hitting over 150K streams in a short while of getting released. The song was released by Johnny under his own label which he along with Owsla engineer, Jared “Praajex” Lynch, initiated in the mid of 2019 called “Dead Poet Soxiety”. Johnny considers this as his creative collective, where he tries to create and design outstanding music and songs that make a direct connection with the hearts of his listeners and music lovers.

The artistic and creative side of Johnny developed right from his early age of 9 when he discovered he was a great painter and a writer and later even became a published poet. Johnny loves to be involved in the entire process of creating the music and hence, totally immerses himself in its every aspect consisting of sound design, music production, music videos and graphic art. He loves creating a one of a kind melodic sound and visual experience for all his fans and music lovers through his soothing voice and cinematic aesthetic.

In July this year, Johnny released ‘VISIONS’, the first song from his first-ever EP titled ‘WONDERLAND’, which became a record-breaking hit making over 250K plays on YouTube and more than 3 million streams. It is a unique video which mixes visuals of his favourite most films and some excellent VFX and animation. The single was written by Johnny and was engineered by OWSLA sound designer Jared “Praajex” Lynch.

Dead Poet Soxiety is Johnny’s creative collective /record label which is based in Los Angeles. He has emerged as a high-performing independent young hip hop/rap artist of America who now has been chased by many prominent names from the industry like Atlantic, Dreamville and Dej Jam, etc. Also, Universal Music Group did a deal with him for his newest single and many other labels are running after him.

WONDERLAND, a six-track EP by Johnny has become a massive hit and has been receiving great acclaim from listeners and music connoisseurs with its outstanding singles like Wonderland, Demon Babes and Visions. In fact, Johnny has already announced that he would be coming up with his new song as well very soon this year.

Indeed, Johnny Wvlker is the gen-next hip hop artist who is soon to make more record-breaking hits and reach the top of the American music game.

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