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Biden warns of more deaths due to Trump’s refusal of the coronavirus-case surge.

Lack of co-operation from the Trump administration is refraining President-elect, Joe Biden to help curb the second wave of COVID-19.

Key points:

1. Joe Biden warns of more people dying due to Trump’s negligence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Joe Biden-Kamala Harris left out of the government’s coronavirus response team.

3. Joe Biden calls officers to inspire people to wear masks.

Trump’s ignorance about the second wave of COVID-19 will lead to more deaths, says Joe Biden:

US President-decide Joe Biden has warned that “human beings can also additionally die” if his incoming management remains impeded with the aid of using incumbent Donald Trump. Mr Biden stated co-ordination become had to address the coronavirus outbreak.

Biden calls Trump irresponsible:

Biden referred to as President Trump’s refusal to well-known he misplaced the election, regardless of calls to accomplish that from each side, “completely irresponsible”. The Trump marketing campaign released a flurry of criminal demanding situations withinside the wake of the three November vote to contest ballot counts.

No proof of election fraud has emerged till now:

The president’s crew is attempting to have courts overturn votes in key states due to the fact many ballots have been invalid or improperly counted. So a long way the one’s efforts have failed and no proof of massive fraud have emerged. President-decide on Biden, a Democrat, has 306 votes withinside the electoral college, surpassing the 270 thresholds had to win.

Biden Warns of Lethal Consequences if Trump Won't Coordinate on Coronavirus  Response | Voice of America - English

The General Services Administration doesn’t invite Kamala Harris and Joe Biden:

The authorities organization that launches the transition process – the General Services Administration (GSA), headed with the aid of using a Trump appointee – has but to apprehend Mr Biden and his jogging mate Kamala Harris as winners. This leaves them without getting entry to touchy authorities briefings which might be commonly supplied to incoming management.

Biden dodges the question of a lockdown, again:

Aides to the president-decide have stated that Mr Trump’s refusal to have interaction in a transition additionally approach Mr Biden’s crew has been excluded from making plans around a vaccination distribution strategy. When Biden become requested if he might inspire country leaders to reinstate stay-at-domestic orders, he sidestepped and as a substitute referred to as on officers to inspire mask-wearing.

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