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Biden showcases confidence in winning the US Elections, extends lead in 3 battleground states.

Donald Trump narrows Biden’s lead in Arizona but is falling behind in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Key points:

1. Joe Biden stretches leads in Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

2. Donald Trump must win Georgia and Pennsylvania along with at least another state.

3. Biden says he is confident to win the US Presidential Election race.

Joe Biden vows to win the US Presidential race:

The former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday vowed to cease the “total, unrelenting, endless warfare” of Trump-generation politics as he relentlessly piled upvotes in key states that appear more and more probably to pave his manner to the presidency. In a brief address to the American people, which he had was hoping could be a victory speech earlier than vote counts dragged on, the Democratic nominee professed self-assurance that his win over President Donald Trump could quickly be declared.

Biden nears the finish line, urges citizens to keep calm:

He referred to as for calm and persistence at a second of flaring countrywide tensions, as Trump warns he’ll dispute the result of the election if he does not win. Biden stretched his leads in PennsylvaniaGeorgia, and Nevada and conserving off the President’s task in Arizona, as vote counting persisted and he moved closer in the direction of the 270 electoral votes, which will win him the presidency.

Biden extends his lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada:

In the present-day batch of consequences from the Keystone State, Biden multiplied his lead over Trump, that’s now as much as 28,833. He leads Trump through greater than 22,000 votes in Nevada and is in advance through greater than 4,000 in Georgia. 

Polls: Biden's lead over Trump extends to double digits with 30 days until  election - Axios

Trump cuts Biden’s lead in Arizona to under 30,000 votes:

Trump is slicing the Democrat’s lead in Arizona, that’s right all the way down to fewer than 30,000 votes with 94% reported, however, it isn’t always clear whether or not his margins are sufficiently extensive to overhaul his rival with 235,000 votes nonetheless to be counted. The President can’t attain 270 electoral votes without prevailing each Pennsylvania and Georgia and as a minimum one of the different remaining states.

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