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Trump says the elections have been rigged; Biden nears Presidency.

The wafer-thin Presidential race has boiled down to 5 states; Biden may win the traditionally Republican state of Georgia.

Key points:

1. Donald Trump accuses Democrats of rigging the elections.

2. Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia cut by Biden.

3. Joe Biden calls for calm; says he believes in winning the Presidential race.

Donald Trump alleges Democrats’ shenanigans in the US Elections:

The result from White House election on Tuesday hangs withinside the balance, and US President Donald Trump accused Democrats of balloting “shenanigans”. His Democratic challenger Joe Biden in advance appealed for calm because the nail-biting rely drags on in 5 states.

Biden cuts Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia:

While clinging to wafer-skinny leads in Nevada and Arizona, Mr Biden has been chewing into the Republican president’s facet in Pennsylvania and Georgia. The cliff-hanger follows one of the most bitter campaigns in dwelling memory. The election is projected to have generated the best turnout due to the fact of 1900. Mr Biden has to date pulled in nicely over seventy-three million votes, the maximum ever for a US presidential candidate. 

Trump gains more votes from 2016:

Mr Trump has drawn nearly 70 million, the second-maximum tally in history. In his first public feedback due to the fact acting on the White House withinside the early hours of Wednesday, the president stated that if most effective the criminal votes are counted, he’d effortlessly win.

Donald Trump - HISTORY

Trump’s allegations not backed up by proof; Biden’s supporters voted via postal ballots:

Beyond allegations of irregularities, the Trump marketing campaign has now no longer presented any proof of election fraud. Mr Trump’s critics have talked about his lead is evaporating due to the fact he actively discouraged his supporters from balloting through the mail, whilst Mr Biden entreated his citizens to do so, and it’s far those postal ballots which can be now being tallied withinside the key states.

Joe Biden urges for calm & shows the confidence of winning:

On Thursday, in Wilmington, Delaware, Mr Biden appealed for calm throughout the country. He once more expressed self-belief he might be declared the winner.

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