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Elon Musk’s Tesla launches ‘Teslaquilla’ – the company’s tequila brand.

Teslaquilla will have a restrained launch, and will not be released internationally soon; it is priced at $250.

Key points:

1. Elon Musk’s joke leads to Tesla launching its own tequila brand.

2. Tesla’s tequila is called “Teslaquilla” to cost at $250.

3. Teslaquilla orders are constrained to 2 bottles per person and will be allowed to sell only in the US.

Aprils Fools’ Day joke turns serious, as Tesla launches its tequila brand:

What commenced as an April Fools’ Day joke via way of means of Tesla proprietor Elon Musk is now a reality, and a completely highly-priced one. After automobiles, net services, and area programs, Elon Musk has released his personal logo of tequila called Teslaquilla. In 2018, Musk performed an April Fools’ Day prank on his fanatics via way of means of posting a photo of himself sitting at the ground leaning on a Tesla automobile with the caption, “Tesla Goes Bankrupt.”

Tesla’s tequila to cost $250:

The tweet despatched suits of laughter throughout the social media platform. Later that year, Tesla implemented with the US Patent and Trademark Office and were given the word ‘Teslaquilla’ trademarked for the organization. Two years later, the organization has jow released a tequila bottle withinside the form of a lightning bolt and costs $250 in keeping with the bottle.

Tesla releases its own $250 tequila called Teslaquilla | True Scoop

Tesla’s tequila is made from oak, and is 15-years-old:

 The tequila is crafted from sustainably sourced highland and lowland agaves, being described as a small-batch top rate 100% agave tequila añejo on Tesla’s legitimate website. Officials declare this añejo, which normally from one to a few years in oak, become elderly for 15 months. 

Teslaquilla yet not approved for international distribution:

The orders for this are constrained to 2 bottles in keeping with the person, as of now. The orders are not yet open for international distribution due to enterprise regulations; only some states withinside the US have permission to promote the brand new and highly-priced bottle of tequila.

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