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American town elects a dog as its mayor.

The mayor race was won by a dog named Wilbur Beast in Rabbit Hash, which has elected dogs since the 1990s.

Key points:

1. Rabbit Hash town votes for Wilbur Beast – a dog, as their Mayor.

2. Rabbit Hash town has been voting dogs for mayor since the 1990s.

3. Wilbur Beast fought off competition from the likes of Jack Rabbit, the Beagle, and the Poppy to become the mayor of Rabbit Hash.

A dog gets elected as the mayor of a town:

While the USA counts ballots to determine its subsequent president: Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden, a metropolis has executed the unfathomable: Wilbur Beast, a canine has been elected as Mayor withinside the US!

French bulldog, Wilbur Beast becomes the mayor of Rabbit Hash:

The brand new Mayor of Rabbit Hash in Kentucky is Wilbur Beast, a French bulldog. The “Beast” received 13,143 voted, as suggested through Fox News. This marks the largest sweep for a candidate withinside the metropolis. The Rabbit Hash Historical Society, inside whose ambit the metropolis falls, praised the victory of the beast in a Facebook submit on Wednesday. 

Stiff competition was posed by Golden retriever Poppy, the beagle, and Jack Rabbit to become the town’s next mayor: 

But the spirit of democracy lies in healthful competition. Wilbur Beast contested the election towards Jack Rabbit, the beagle, and Poppy, the golden retriever. The function of the metropolis’s ambassador can be retained through Lady Stone, a 12-year-vintage border collie.

The town of Rabbit Hash has voted for dogs for mayor for a couple of decades:

Rabbit Hash is an unincorporated network jogging alongside the Ohio River and has elected a canine as mayor since the 1990s, consistent with Kentucky(dot)com. As a part of the vote casting process, network individuals donate $1 to the Historical Society at some point in elections. Once Wilbur takes fee because the metropolis’s mayor, he’s anticipated to assist improve finances for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

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