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European nations ponder over reinstating lockdown, over rapid rise in COVID cases.

France bans inessential travelling as it reported over 36,000 cases; Germany reports 16,000 infections.

Key points:

1. France bans inessential traveling while reinstating a partial lockdown.

2. Germany closes bars, restaurants, and gyms due to growing COVID-19 cases.

3. Europe facing a stronger Coronavirus wave, with daily cases surging rapidly.

Macron says second wave of COVID-19 will be more severe than the first one:

Two of Europe’s largest economies are reinstating a few shapes of countrywide lockdown because the continent confronts a surge in coronavirus instances and deaths. From Friday human beings in France will best be allowed to go away domestic for crucial paintings or clinical reasons. President Emmanuel Macron stated the nation risked being “beaten with the aid of using the 2nd wave that absolute confidence could be more difficult than the primary”.

Germany orders bars, gyms, restaurants, to close to combat the second wave of COVID-19:

Germany, meanwhile, is enforcing a “soft” countrywide lockdown. The measures getting into pressure on Monday are much less excessive than in France, however, they encompass the closure of restaurants, bars, gyms, and theatres, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated.

Sweden spared second COVID-19 wave - but for how long? | Euronews

UK, France, Germany reporting a spike in daily COVID-19 infections:

Infections are growing sharply throughout Europe, along with withinside the UK which on Wednesday introduced 310 new deaths and 24,701 new instances. In England, authorities are being strained to alternate coverage from a local approach, brand new research indicates nearly 100,000 human beings are catching the virus each day. In France, Covid each day deaths are at the very best degree for the reason that April. On Wednesday, 36,437 new instances and 244 deaths had been confirmed. German fitness officers stated on Thursday any other 89 human beings had died withinside the beyond 24 hours, with a file of 16,774 infections.

Italy, Spain sticking with night curfew measures:

Italy, which changed into the European epicenter at the beginning of the primary wave of the virus, has already brought new regulations to be in the region for a month. Spain started its national curfew on 25 October after the authorities declared a brand-new kingdom of emergency.

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