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Creating a unique name in the basketball scene is American player Kevin Major.

The young basketball player is also confident about his clothing line, DangerActivated’s success, co-founded with his cousin.

Some people in this world only work to reach a certain goal in life and then become content with that; whereas some other talented beings work to not only improve their skills but also emerge as a winner every time. These people usually are the ones who know how to make optimum use of the given opportunities or even create the new ones to grow as individuals and professionals. Professionally moving ahead in the game of basketball is Kevin Major, who has impressed all basketball lovers as well as experts in the field with his passion, love and dedication to making it big in the sporting world.

More than winning any games or awards, this young start point guard who plays with Penn State Wilkes Barre wants to do something much bigger with basketball. His current coach is Leshawn Hammett, who is a former St Francis star player that went ahead in the NBA draft and also played professionally overseas. Their team is now preparing rigorously to make it in the big stage nationals in March. There is a reason Kevin is known as the best and the most promising starting point guard across the country. His confidence in the game and his skills that he honed over the years has turned him into a more competent player.

He is confident that his team is going to reach the skies at the upcoming season. Although the season due to COVID-19 has got postponed to January, Kevin told his coach that they would need a conference championship and a National championship. After the season, Kevin hopes he can play professionally as he always desired. His past credentials include playing for the former head coach at the University of Kentucky, Billy Gillispie and becoming a lead scorer of the team at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield Wisconsin, getting the rank of a 2-star recruit nationally.

The upcoming season would be dedicated to his coach’s father Leroy Hammett, who unfortunately lost his life due to the pandemic. He used to be a part of the coaching staff and though, it would tough for the team to not see him anymore in that first seat on the bench, Kevin knows that he is still around him pushing him to be his best version whenever he steps inside the gym.

Apart from basketball, Kevin, along with his cousin also came up with his clothing brand called DangerActivated, which is already showing signs of becoming a prominent name in the industry.

Talking about his source of inspiration and motivation in life, Kevin says, “My mother has been a hero to me, who taught my sisters and me what hard work and persistence is, as our father was not present for a major part of our lives. I consider my mother the biggest source of motivation for what she has taught us all our lives”.

To gain more inspiration from this young basketball player, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @_majordanger.

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