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Violence erupts as anti-Trump supporters vandalize “Jews For Trump” rally.

Fighting between both sets of supporters escalates in Manhattan; Rudy Giuliani is targeted by anti-Trump protesters.

Key points:

1. Anti-Trump protesters vandalize “Jews for Trump” rally.

2. Rudy Giuliani was in the caravan that was attacked by anti-Trump protesters.

3. Both sets of supporters, hurl abuses, eggs; threaten to turn violent.

Rudy Giuliani’s caravan attacked in Jews for Trump rally:

Political tensions over the approaching presidential election escalated on New York City’s streets Sunday, as supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with counter-protesters for the duration of an afternoon of demonstrations. Seven humans have been arrested for the duration of skirmishes among opposing facets in Manhattan, in which Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private lawyer, and the city’s former mayor, encountered protesters concentrated on a caravan of motors prepared through a collection that identifies itself as Jews for Trump.

Anti-Trump brigade targets “Jews For Trump” in New York:

In one video, Giuliani will be visible at the passenger facet of a car with the window rolled down as anti-Trump protesters screamed at him. In an interview, Giuliani stated that he had encountered the caravan and the protesters even as riding down Fifth Avenue after taping his radio show. According to the police, the pro-Trump caravan exceeded via Times Square, in which it converged with a collection of anti-Trump protesters who had marched from Brooklyn. The motors withinside the convoy have been then blocked through counter-protesters, and a few drivers were given out in their motors to confront the anti-Trump demonstrators.

Jews for Trump convoy in New York attacked by rioters

Supporters hurl abuses, eggs, and call each other Fascist and anarchists, as tensions boiled:

The facets hurled political slurs — calling every different “fascist” and “anarchists”— traded blows, and fought over the Trump supporters’ flags earlier than police broke them apart, in step with films published online. In a few films, a collection of humans may be visible yelling expletives and throwing eggs and different projectiles at passing motors flying pro-Trump flags in midtown, even as in another, a collection of humans retaining pro-Trump banners march on one facet of the road as humans throughout the road yell, “New York hates you.”

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