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Raring to be at the top of the digital game as the youngest social media entrepreneur is Efthymios Savvidis.

The young talent has been on the rise as an Instagram growth expert and has helped all his clients achieve their desired results.

What could be said about the growing trend of people and businesses relying more and more on the digital mediums to grow their handles, presence and their reach? Well, this had to happen, looking at the tremendous growth that these mediums have been providing to people and businesses across industries all over the world. With more emphasis on the significance of the digital world, people are resorting to the online world and taking help from experts in the same to get a push in their growth and recognition in their respective fields. The same is with Instagram as not just a social platform, but more as a marketing platform which has been leveraged by many young social media entrepreneurs today. Efthymios Savvidis, aka Makis is one such youngster from Greece, who at only 15 years of age has sculpted his career around Instagram as an Instagram growth expert and digital entrepreneur.

While kids at their early teenage years still are at crossroads to make a tough decision for their careers; Makis, on the other hand, had seen the growth of social media platforms much early and knew that he was made for this industry. The skills he developed are all self-taught and self-learned. The 15-year-old showed what hard work and perseverance can do to an individual; the proof is his growing career as an Instagram growth expert and social media entrepreneur.

Makis has become an expert in growing social media pages of people and very cleverly makes use of the opportunities that Instagram as a marketing platform can provide to the full advantage of all his clients. Initially, Makis worked hard to increase his follower base on Instagram and as soon as he gained that, Makis dived deep into the same and began monetizing his rich follower base of over 1 million.

He has successfully been managing his clients on Instagram, which includes Instagram models, rappers, and many others to help them create huge Instagram pages and create a momentum for them across the medium through his efforts as an influencer and entrepreneur. He has been doing this for just bit more than a year and yet has been flooded with many clients already. Makis also helps in getting their promotions done and overall grow their presence, name and their handles on Instagram.

Indeed, Makis proves that age is just a number and a person who is passionate and determined can achieve anything.

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