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King Vajiralongkorn rushed to the hospital after bodyguard tested coronavirus positive.

Thailand’s King Rama X has a reputation of a gambler, playboy, and has spent his life away from the country.

Key points:

1. Thailand King’s bodyguard tests positive for COVID-19.

2. King Vajiralongkorn has spent most of his life outside Thailand.

3. Thailand King has a reputation for being a playboy and a gambler.

Thailand King rushed to the hospital, citing COVID scare:

Thailand‘s playboy King Maha Vajiralongkorn become secretly rushed to a medical institution after his bodyguard examined superb for coronavirus, stated New York Post. He became rushed to a medical institution in Bangkok in the early hours of Wednesday. As in step with media reports, the bodyguard gotten smaller the lethal virus after the king’s entourage flew to Thailand these days. It has now no longer but been showed whether or not the king’s contamination is coronavirus related. But personnel of the medical institution in which the king obtained the remedy had been instructed to stay tightlipped approximately his contamination.

Thailand King has stayed away from the country for most of his life:

King Vajiralongkorn these days back to Thailand to mark the fourth anniversary of his father King Bhumibol‘s death anniversary. King Vajiralongkorn has a recognition of being a playboy. He truly spent a lot of his early life in outdoor Thailand. He becomes despatched to high school in England from a while thirteen to 17, earlier than enrolling at army university in Australia till 1976. Despite his army training, there had been questions of whether or not the prince become suit to rule. Rumors of gambling, womanizing, and associating with unlawful companies stated plagued the prince’s recognition.

Thailand's playboy king rushed to hospital after bodyguard's positive COVID  test, World News |

King Vajiralongkorn has 20 mistresses, being married 4 times:

A few years in the past he has been photographed biking in a crop pinnacle in Switzerland and Germany. When a picture graph of the king become published on Facebook, he threatened to sue the company, announcing the snapshots had been insulting. After his father exceeded away in October 2016, the prince ascended Thailand’s throne and have become King Rama X, the tenth monarch of his royal house. He has been married for 4 times and has 20 mistresses. He has property really well worth forty-three billion bucks below his control.

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