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Interview to the model and influencer Alessia Tresoldi

Exclusively for us the model and influencer Alessia Tresoldi.

Tell us a little about you.

“My name is Alessia Tresoldi but many know me as Alefe24, my art name on Instagram. I’m 22 years old, I attend biotechnology for health at the university and I’m an Italian model and influencer from Bergamo.”

This is a difficult time for Italy and all the world. How are you dealing with the situation?

“From the beginning, I tried through my Instagram channel to invite others to use protective masks and be careful. Fortunately, my university is also equipped immediately to support our study from home.”

You are very popular on Instagram. Do you feel the weight of this responsibility? Have you got a message to give for this particular moment to your followers?

“Being a reference also implies responsibility towards others for the messages that are launched. Especially at a time like this when it is not acceptable to underestimate the situation. We must also be the ones to set a good example. Having the opportunity to speak to a large audience, I felt in duty to inform my followers of the situation and share support projects. The message I want to send right now is to be careful.“

We saw that you have recently taken part in a film; can you tell us something more?

“Given the moment we had to follow specific guidelines, but it was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to see the result. I’m sure everyone will like it so much.”

Something more about the film…

Reverse is an Italian film, a legal thriller about a serial killer of Influencers, who signs his crimes using a blue knife. Captured, the killer is deemed incapable of understanding and willing. A police inspector convinced that his madness is all a fiction; she will try to lead him to the lucid confession of his murders.

It is produced by Giuseppe Lepore and directed by Mauro John Capece.

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