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Nine people die after receiving flu shots in South Korea.

Panic grips South Korea, as the country’s elaborate inoculation plan nears the halfway mark; Inoculation program is to help combat the COVID pandemic.

Key points:

1. 9 die after receiving flu shots, in South Korea.

2. South Korea is carrying out its inoculation program, to help fight the COVID pandemic.

3. Almost half of South Korea’s population has been inoculated.

South Korea’ faulty flu-shots kill 9:

In South Korea, 9 humans have misplaced their lives after you have flu shots withinside the ultimate week. This has raised questions on the protection imbued withinside the vaccine. South Korea these days upped its inoculation application to ease the headaches as a result of COVID-19 and to lower the load at the nation’s healthcare system. On Wednesday alone, 5 new deaths have been recorded. However, the government does now no longer plans to halt the seasonal vaccination application.

Probe on the flawed flu-shots, underway:

Investigations are underway to check the motive of deaths. The government is carrying out publish mortars to discover any capability link. Preliminary investigations did now no longer factor to any link. The fitness reputable said that out of the six victims, 5 had underlying fitness conditions. Additionally, no poisonous materials had been determined withinside the vaccine, which changed into given to many others. Reportedly, some of the lifeless is a 17-year-vintage boy and a person elderly above 70.

Fears grow in South Korea over suspected flu shot deaths

South Korea has inoculated 8.36 million people:

As wintry weather nears, the nation intends to mass inoculate its populace to ease the pressure as a result of the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Just weeks ago, the country’s countrywide vaccine program changed into suspended over protection concerns. Reportedly, five million doses that require refrigeration always have been uncovered to room temperatures even as being transported. Out of the nineteen million eligible free of charge inoculation, 8.36 million humans have already acquired the vaccine. 

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