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Trump-Biden feud over the TV Debate’s topics.

Trump alleges organizers of favoring Biden; says the moderator is “no good”.

Key points:

1. Trump-Biden feud over the next debate’s topics.

2. Trump alleges moderator Kristen Welker of being a radical democrat.

3. Trump campaign calls for adjusting the topics on the debate.

Trump campaign accuses organizers of supporting Biden:

The US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are feuding over plans for their very last TV debate. The Republican president’s marketing campaign accused organizers of Thursday’s showdown of supporting the Democrat with the aid of using leaving out overseas coverage as a topic.

Biden still leads Trump:

The Biden camp shot again that Mr Trump turned into seeking to keep away from questions on his reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. With weeks to head till the election, Mr Biden leads nationally in the opinion polls. However, he has a smaller lead withinside the handful of key US states a good way to in the long run determine the outcome.

President Trump labels moderator Welker “radical Democrat”:

On Monday, the president’s camp despatched a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates calling for subjects to be adjusted for the very last primetime duel this Thursday. The subjects had been introduced with the aid of using a moderator and NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker‘s final week: American families, race in America, weather change, countrywide security, and leadership. Mr Trump stated Ms Welker could be “no good” and defined her as a “radical Democrat”, while addressing a rally in Prescott, Arizona.

US election 2020: Trump and Biden feud over debate topics

Biden campaign says Trump wants to duck questions:

The Democrat Biden’s camp hit again that it turned into clearly Mr Trump who turned into seeking to duck questions. The 90-minute debate shape might be divided into 15-minute segments. At the beginning of every new topic, every candidate could have mins of uninterrupted time – throughout which his opponent’s microphone might be off.

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