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A study claims France’s rivers are being polluted by dairy products company.

France wants to host the first-ever carbon neutral Olympics in 2024. 

Key points:

1. Dairy companies polluting French rivers, says a media report.

2. French media releases documented evidence against the dairy companies, polluting the French rivers.

3. France is targeting the “carbon neutral” Olympics in 2024.

Dairy companies in France, allegedly polluting the rivers – French media:

As per a French media document, France’s biggest dairy employer Lactalis has been polluting the nation’s rivers over the last decade along with the Loire valley. The Disclose organization discovered that Lactalis had fragrantly breached environmental policies throughout the nation in its flora unfold nationally along with ignoring the neighborhood government’s protection policies.

French media provides evidence of dairy companies releasing pollutants in rivers:

The document stated that “Lactalis operates no much less than 70 manufacturing flora in France, and a complete of almost 270 across the world” with 15,000 workforces in France, adding, “the family-run organization has an annual turnover of near to twenty billion euros and, an exception withinside the agribusiness, has by no means been indexed at the inventory exchange.” The document stated the employer dumped pollutants into rivers with proof withinside the shape of photos, videos, and professional opinion.

French dairy products company polluting country's rivers, claims study,  World News |

Dairy company’s CEO chooses the silence strategy:

The document claimed that Lactalis child milk powder become found to were infected in 2017 with salmonella. However, the CEO Emmanuel Besnier “selected a method of silence instead of providing public apologies to the mother and father of toddlers made sick from the bacteria”, it stated.

2024 Olympics set to be the first-ever carbon neutral games:

France has been seeking to place its residence so as because it hosts the next Olympics in 2024 with all venues and resorts beneath neath scanner over pollutant norms. The Paris Olympics intends to apply brief venues making sure minimum environmental damage. The document comes as the government for the Paris 2024 Olympics wishes to prepare the first-ever “carbon neutral” Games.

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