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A US man contracts Coronavirus for a second time.

The second infection is more severe than the first one, in this guy. 

Key Points:

1. Guy gets infected with the novel Coronavirus for a second time.

2. Severity of the second infection is more severe than the earlier one.

3. Timeline of getting the COVID-19 virus both the times.

4. Scientists baffled and urged recovered patients to wear a mask.

A man in the US gets COVID infected for a second time:

A guy withinside the United States has stuck Covid twice, with the second one contamination turning into a way extra risky than the primary, medical doctors report. The 25-year-old wished medical institution remedy after his lungs couldn’t get sufficient oxygen into his body. Reinfections stay uncommon and he has now recovered. But they have a look at withinside the Lancet Infectious Diseases increases questions on how a lot of immunity may be constructed as much as the virus. The guy from Nevada had no recognized fitness issues or immune defects that might make him especially at risk of Covid.

Timeline of the second infection:

• 25 March – The first wave of signs, inclusive of sore throat, cough, headache, nausea, and diarrhea

• 18 April – He assessments fine for the primary time

• 27 April – Initial signs absolutely resolve

• nine and 26 May – He assessments poor for the virus on occasions

• 28 May – Symptoms reappear, this time inclusive of headache, dizziness, fever, cough, nausea, and diarrhea.

• 5 June – He assessments fine for the second one time, and is hypoxic (low blood oxygen) with shortness of breath.

Coronavirus Is Spreading Because Humans Are Healthier - The Atlantic

Scientists urge COVID-recovered patients to maintain social distancing:

Scientists say the affected person stuck coronavirus twice, as opposed to the unique contamination turning into dormant after which bouncing back. An evaluation of the genetic codes of the virus taken for the duration of every bout of signs confirmed they have been too wonderful to be resulting from equal contamination. He stated even humans who’ve recovered must keep observing pointers round social distancing, face mask, and hand washing. Scientists are nevertheless grappling with the thorny trouble of coronavirus and immunity.

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