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UK Employer loses a case against a Muslim man for giving him chocolates instead of Cognac.

UK Muslim man sued his employer after he was denied the prize of a Cognac in religious terms.

Muslim guy who labored as a linen porter at a UK resort has correctly sued his agency after he gained a bottle of cognac in a gamble throughout a group of worker’s birthday celebration in 2017, however, became given a ‘cheap’ field of sweets instead, The Guardian reported. The guy, 37-year-antique Zakaria Kioua, stated that once he requested one of the managers on the Hampshire-primarily based Lainston House resort why he became denied his prize, he became informed that offering him with the bottle of brandy might have been like giving nuts to a person with a nut hypersensitivity.

Zakaria Kioua hurt after being refused a gift:

Another member of the group of workers who knew Kioua did now no longer drink alcohol had allegedly cautioned he accept the field of sweets instead, The Guardian reported. Kioua stated that he became harm and humiliated through his employers’ decision. Another group of workers member had reportedly ordinary the sweets on his behalf. His manager Gaius Wyncoll in a grievance meeting held in May 2018, said, “[If] someone has got a nut allergy or a nut intolerance and they were given a box of chocolates that contains nuts do you not feel it would be appropriate that we then change that prize, you know, on the night?” Kioua retorted,“ It’s different. They don’t want that prize to be going to me and they’ve used my religion to get what they want…I felt ignored and humiliated and not cared about.” 

Muslim man wins UK tribunal case over Cognac raffle switch | Discrimination  at work | The Guardian

UK Hotel ordered to pay a Muslim man for hurting his feelings: 

He resigned in April 2019 and filed a lawsuit in opposition to the resort, which he gained this year. The tribunal panel’s judgment read, “A nut hypersensitivity is an illness, a life-threatening illness. It isn’t an appropriate factor of comparison. It minimizes the significance of Mr Kioua’s ideals and practices.” The resort has been ordered to pay £2,000 to Kioua for “harm to feelings” plus interest.

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