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Trump refuses a peaceful transition of power again.

Citing concerns over the conspiracy of rigged elections, Trump cautions the people of the US to be aware of unsolicited ballots.

President Donald Trump stated Thursday that he is now no longer certain November’s election will be “honest” due to the usage of unsolicited ballots, extending his baseless statement that sizeable mail-in balloting is rife with fraud and once more casting doubt on if he’s going to receive the effects of the election.

Trump pushes the conspiracy of unsolicited ballots across the US:

Referring to unsolicited mail-in ballots that most effective 9 states and Washington, DC, provide, Trump instructed newshounds on Thursday, and stated,” We have to be very careful with the ballots, the ballots, that’s a whole big scam. I’m not sure that it can be, I don’t know that it can be with this whole situation, unsolicited ballots, they’re unsolicited, millions being sent to everybody.” The President’s feedback comes as he keeps to lean into a conspiratorial message across the US balloting technique and construct on his pointed refusal Wednesday to decide to impart a non-violent transition of power after Election Day. Trump, whilst requested whether or not he’d decide to a nonviolent transition, one of the cornerstones of American democracy, he stated that they’ll see what happens.

Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power - Los Angeles Times

Elections in the US aren’t a sizeable problem:

He has formerly refused to mention whether or not he might receive the election effects, echoing his sentiments from 2016 that he’ll “need to see.” And Trump has joked — he says — approximately staying in the workplace nicely beyond the constitutionally certain terms. But the President’s refusal to assure a violence-loose transition went similarly and is probably to alarm his opponents, who’re already on part given his deployment of federal regulation enforcement to quell protests in American cities. While uncommon times of voter fraud from mail-in ballots do occur, it’s far nowhere close to a sizeable problem withinside the US election system. Mail poll fraud is distinctly uncommon in components due to the fact states have structures and processes in areas to save you forgery, robbery, and voter fraud. These structures might observe to each absentee ballots and mail-in ballots for in-kingdom voters.

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