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The world’s first living coffin, made of mushrooms; invented in The Netherlands.

The coffin called “Living Cocoon” is made from mycelium, and facilitates the decomposing of dead bodies in two to three years, instead of the traditional ten years.

 In the Netherlands, burials have commenced taking region in what’s defined as “world’s first dwelling coffin” to boost up the decomposition of the frame. 

Coffin named Living Cocoon is made from mycelium:

Named as “Living Cocoon“, the coffin is crafted from mycelium, that’s the basic shape of mushrooms

Coffin made in the Netherlands in hundred percent natural and organic:

“This is the world’s first living coffin, and last Saturday the first human being in the Netherlands was composted and returned into the cycle of life. We no longer pollute the environment with toxins in our body and all the stuff that goes into the coffins but try to enrich it and compost for nature,” stated Bob Hendrikx to information employer AFP, who invented those coffins in his pupil laboratory at Delft Technical University.

Dead bodies to get decomposed in 2-3 years in the “Living Cocoon”:

With the assist of those coffins, the frame can decompose into 3 years, which in conventional burials takes over 10 years. The casket will disappear inside 30 to forty-five days and has the dimensions of a conventional coffin. 

World's first 'living coffin' made from mushrooms in the Netherlands | AFP  - YouTube

The natural casket to cost at approx. USD 1765, reports The Netherlands:

Hendrikx called the main component of the coffin – the mycelium, as “largest recyclers” of nature, pronouncing the use of this coffin is “maximum herbal way” to bury a frame. This casket will even now no longer positioned a burden in one’s pocket as they fee round 1500 euros (USD 1,764.87).

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