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A female ball python lays 7 eggs at Saint Louis Zoo asexually.

Despite not being near a male python for at least 15 years, a female ball python laid 7 eggs in the zoo.

Zookeepers on the Saint Louis Zoo had been amazed as a ball python female laid eggs despite not being close to a male in extra than 15 years.

Sixty-two-year-old ball python lays eggs asexually:

Mark Wanner, the Zoological Manager of Herpetology revealed that the ball python, which has been on the zoo given that 1961, laid seven eggs on 23rd July. The snake does not have a name, however, is diagnosed via way of means of the quantity 361003, in line with the zoo. She’s believed to be at the least sixty-two years old. Ball pythons are local to vital and western Africa and may reproduce asexually, which is referred to as facultative parthenogenesis, the zoo stated. 

St. Louis Zoo Says Python Laid 7 Eggs Without Male Help | Offbeat News | US  News

The ball python who laid eggs has not been near a male since 15 years, says keeper: 

Wanner stated Komodo dragons and a few different snakes and reptiles additionally reproduce asexually. Females also can save sperm for behind schedule fertilization; however Wanner stated the longest documented case they observed of that occurring turned into seven years after the contact. She laid any other take hold of eggs returned in 2009; however none of these eggs hatched and there aren’t any facts of her being round a male then either. Wanner stated she might have been with a male withinside the past due Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties due to the fact keepers used to position the snakes collectively in buckets even as cleansing their cages. “We’re saying 15 plus years, but I mean, it’s probably easily closer to 30 years since she’s been physical with a male,” he stated. Warner stated they have taken of the eggs for genetic checking out to decide if the eggs reproduced sexually or asexually. Two extra eggs have died and the ultimate 3 are being incubated. He stated they may be hoping to get the take a look at the consequences returned in approximately a month.

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