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Donald Trump covers-up Coronavirus denialism with twisting Churchill and Roosevelt’s history.

Comparing himself to the World War II leaders, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, Trump twists their history and compares himself with them.

President Donald Trump is no longer simply downplaying the coronavirus — he is resorting to absurd historic allusions approximately awesome World War II leaders to attempt to conceal his culpability in 190,000 American deaths.

Trump compares himself with Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt:

At a Thursday night time rally, Trump ridiculously invoked the previous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, claiming that like them, he had attempted tough to calm the public panic in a darkish hour. But it pondered his warfare to explain his failure to inform the American human beings the reality approximately the seriousness of the virus — even though he instructed Bob Woodward in the interviews for his new book in February that it changed into “lethal stuff.”

Trump twists history of Churchill and FDR to cover up pandemic denialism -  CNNPolitics

Trump makes a U-turn on his stand against the Coronavirus:

In a low-strength information convention in advance withinside the day, Trump doubled down on falsehood, maintaining that “I did now no longer lie” whilst he warned Woodward the pathogen changed into worse than the flu at the same time as publicly evaluating it to the seasonal illness. In one beautiful moment, he stated that if the Washington Post reporter, whose book “Rage” comes out Tuesday, changed into so involved approximately what changed into stated of their taped conversations, he need to have long past to the “authorities” so they might put together the country. Of course, below the Constitution, the President is the closing authority and whether or not Trump likes it, the dollar stops with him for the pandemic and each different countrywide crisis. Trump stated after Vice President Mike Pence bizarrely counseled Trump’s negligence in truth typified a British propaganda marketing campaign that changed into by no means extensively used at some stage in the battle and has emerged as a part of advertising kitsch in latest years: “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

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